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We saw a 3,000% increase in responses with the variable printed appeal letters. 

Variable printing allows you create high impact and visually appealing products by changing up elements based on customer information in your print project.

Child Evangelical Fellowship Appeal Letter Case Study

In 2023, the Child Evangelical Fellowship, a bible-centered organization dedicated to evangelize boys and girls with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and establish them in the Word of God and in a local church for Christian living,  tasked TIPS with printing three different variations of their donation appeal letter using variable printing. Variable printing allows you to create high impact projects that are visually appealing, while swapping out elements in one print run saving you money and time in the process. 

Adelsberger Marketing, stepped in to design all three variations – a standard letter and two modified letters of the appeal that would be printed. These appeal letters were then sent out to members of the community. 


CEF faced the very common struggle of keeping people’s attention when competing against other distributed material. They faced an uphill battle against people’s short attention spans and lack of action after reading appeal letters. 


The appeal letters using variable printing had great success and saw a response rate of 1,000% – 3,000%. Each variant randomly assigned to the CEF’s email list saw an increase, over the standard letter, in responses than the last. 

What Others Had to Say:

“We really enjoyed working with TIPS and Adelsberger Marketing to increase year-end giving in 2023. Their variable writing, bulk mail campaign, made a big difference in the number of donations we received. Ultimately, this helps us fulfill our ministry and mission in central West Tennessee.” – Randy Nicholas, Executive Director of CEF of Greater Jackson


Keep things interesting and make your business stand out with variable printing.

Variable Printing: 

  • Done using our HP Indigo 7K Digital Offset Press 
  • Can change various elements in your print run 
  • Can create high impact packaging, labels, direct mail, commercial prints and photos

Ready to learn how variable printing can improve your business?