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Large scale mailers can be a daunting task.

TIPS is equipped to handle any size mailing. Additionally, TIPS has an exceptional relationship with the USPS. Our local USPS knows that we have the knowledge and have invested in the correct software for bulk mailings. The USPS can trust that everything will be correctly prepared when it comes to them from our TIPS facility.

For mailings, we utilize:

  • BCC/Blue Crest Bulk Mailer Software for mailing, barcoding, list processing (de-duping, NCOA, best postage rates)
  • Crescendo inkjet software for addressing and barcoding
  • Videojet (Up to 2 heads 4 cartridges per. for Ink Jetting)
  • Cheshire tabber (for inline or Offline tabbing capabilities)

What our customers say:

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